The NNU Covenant

President: Northwest Nazarene University exists to fulfill covenants made by our fore bearers. This evening we have gathered to retell and reaffirm the covenants established generations ago. Keeping these covenants has shaped the university, the church and our communities. Who has gathered to renew the NNU covenant?

People: We have come together to declare and renew our covenant with Northwest Nazarene University. We are the church, the university trustees, the faculty, the students, the administrative staff and the foundation of NNU. We live next door and we reach around the world; we are alumni, the people of Idaho, the Northwest and the church around the world.

President: Let us declare, affirm and renew our fundamental covenant.

People: Our first covenant is with God. He reached out in grace to establish covenant with us. Northwest Nazarene University is founded upon our belief in and relationship with the One Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have organized ourselves around our relationship with God in Christ, made available to us through the Holy Spirit. Tonight, we declare that we renew and affirm our covenant with God. We shall continue to seek His rule, His righteousness and His loving relationship in our lives and the life of the university.

President: How does NNU intend to fulfill her covenant with God?

NNU Community: We earnestly seek to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Enabled by our relationship with God, encouraged by our fellowship with the Holy Spirit, Christlikeness is our goal and our way, it guides our being and our doing, our people, programs and practices.

President: Is there another covenant you share that we may renew?

NNU Community: Our second covenant is with God and each other. Across the generations we have forged a covenant of mutual obligation and expectation. We share common beliefs and values. We share a sense of history and heritage. We have common expectations and aspirations. Our covenantal spirit is based upon our relationships with God and each other. Our pledges and promises are made with a sense of mutual trust, fidelity, hope and love.

President: Who are the founders and keepers of this covenant? What do you seek, what do you offer?

Churches of the Northwest: We are the people of the Church of the Nazarene in the Northwest. This is our university. Nearly a century ago we sacrificed for our God, our children and our beliefs to establish NNU. We look to the university to nurture and shepherd our young, prepare tomorrow's leaders, promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and model the Christlike life. We pledge to be covenant partners, engaged and supportive, colaborers in God's Kingdom work. We call upon people from within our midst to cause our school to thrive. Who are the stewards that guard and guide NNU?

NNU Trustees: We are the ones in whom you have placed this sacred trust. We are the Trustees of Northwest Nazarene University. We reaffirm the duty and delight of our task. We pledge to be supportive advocates, caring truth tellers and passionate ambassadors. We seek to build a university that transforms the world for Christ. We desire a professorate that will assist us in training our children, providing a godly perspective on emerging issues in a changing world and model a standard of excellence borne out of a commitment to pursue Christlikeness. We ask, who will step forward to lead and instruct our young?

NNU Faculty: We are the faculty of Northwest Nazarene University. We have answered the call of God upon our lives to model the truth embodied in the life of Jesus Christ, to be good stewards of the gifts and abilities God has given us, and to encourage, strengthen, challenge and prepare students, young and old, to lead well-equipped lives of service. As teacher-scholar-disciples, we live and learn within the community that is NNU. We are committed to academic excellence, professional integrity and a welcoming and nurturing spirit. We shall serve our Lord, our students, our university, our discipline and our community. Yet our work is relational; it requires engaged and active learners. Who will join us in the quest for God, truth, beauty and all that is good?

NNU Students: We have come to Northwest Nazarene University. We are your students. We are from next door and around the world. We are seeking our place, our calling in this world. We long for meaning and purpose. We desire teachers who are mentors. We chose to come to a place where God is primary and students are valued. We desire a safe, redemptive environment; yet we want you to stretch us academically, spiritually and socially. We want to be made globally aware, willing to accept responsibility and the demands of adulthood. Show us how to respect the views of others while growing up into the full measure of Jesus Christ. Give us opportunities to serve, to learn by doing, to give back as part of a caring community.

President: Who will enable the work of our faculty and students? Who will nurture and develop the NNU community?

NNU Administrative Staff: We will join you in covenant. We are the administrators and staff of Northwest Nazarene University. It is our role, our calling to lead by serving. We honor our covenant with God by serving our faculty, students, church and community. We pledge to live lives in harmony with our Christo-centric mission, provide reasonable resources to our colleagues and continuously improve all dimensions of the university. We shall actively support the growth of students and colleagues through mentoring, accountability and peer relationships. In order to fulfill our covenantal calling we need the help of others. Who can assist and provide the means and expertise needed to make vision become reality?

NNU Foundation: We humbly answer the call. We are the Northwest Nazarene University Foundation. We have become covenant partners with NNU. We have found significance in serving the university and her students. We see the world-changing potential in these young people. Therefore, we commit to share our material blessings to fashion a Christian university poised to serve the Treasure Valley and the world. Who will join us in giving back, in giving self in service?

NNU Alumni: We will. We are the alumni of Northwest Nazarene University. This is our alma mater. Though we have graduated, we are still keepers of the covenant. We have chosen vocations that allow us to join with God in establishing His Kingdom. We have taken our alma mater's lessons of compassion and gone out from here to engage the world. We have become His change agents in ways large and small. Who will partner with us in transforming our world?

Churches of the Treasure Valley: We will join you. We are the churches of the Treasure Valley. We are faith partners with NNU. We commit to share vision and action with the people of the university. We shall worship with you and serve alongside you. Together we shall combine our efforts to serve as a light in the valley. Who will call us into the places that need light?

Communities of the Treasure Valley: We will show you where light and salt are needed. We are the people and cities of the Treasure Valley. We covenant with you to be used by God to make our cities, towns and neighborhoods places where the Kingdom of God is established. We shall be socially responsible, compassionate and loving. We will welcome NNU students and graduates into our businesses, boardrooms and classrooms. Together we will reflect the Spirit of Christ to all we meet.

President: Our covenant has no boundaries. Who will go beyond the borders of the world we know so well, to places where needs are severe and faith is not found?

Global Church: We will go. We are the missionaries of Northwest Nazarene University. We have heard God's call and offer our very lives to go to places we have not seen and people we do not know. We are the evidence of a covenant people's obedience, a people willing to serve God to the ends of the earth.

President: Hear us Lord, as we raise our voices in covenant chorus!

People: We are Northwest Nazarene University and we are God's covenant people! We believe in You God, in Your Son and in Your Holy Spirit. You have called us and we have answered with our lives. We seek You, to love You with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. We seek You, Your Kingdom and Your righteousness; in our seeking we find and express love for our neighbor and ourselves. We covenant with You and each other to follow You in holiness of heart and living. We pledge to be and make disciples and to live as one as You are One. We are Northwest Nazarene University and we are God's covenant people. We make this covenant, to love, to learn, to seek and to serve until our Lord's return. Amen.