NNU Vision 2025

Guided by a vision of the Kingdom of God, Northwest Nazarene University seeks a more excellent way, to be a transformative learning community expressing the love of Jesus by forming scholars, nurturing disciples, serving the church, shaping the culture, redeeming the world.

Five vision imperatives give focus to NNU Vision 2025

  1. Forming Scholars—Pursuing Truth, Seeking Wisdom
  2. Nurturing Disciples—Living in the Great Commandments
  3. Serving the Church—Covenant Partners in the Great Commission
  4. Shaping the Culture—God’s Creative Agents
  5. Redeeming the World—God’s Redemptive Agents

Vision 2025 Introduction

Watch the introductory Vision 2025 and other vision videos by clicking the video thumbnails you see in this column.

Forming scholars--pursuing truth, seeking wisdom

Our scholarly enterprise is based upon the premise that there is a unity to truth, for all truth is God's truth—ultimately incarnate in Jesus Christ. At NNU we participate in the search for Truth, already knowing the One who is Truth.

Nurturing disciples, living in the great commandments

Fostering Christian spiritual formation is essential in the education of the whole person. It is in relationship with God and with one another that we find our deepest fulfillment.

Serving the Church, covenant partners in the great commission

The University is both an extension and instrument of the Church. The University shares in the mission of the Church—living counter-culturally, seeking to incarnate the presence and practices of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Shaping the culture, God's creative agents

Love is greater than the powers of this world. Northwest Nazarene University has a unique responsibility to prepare and position students to have a positive loving impact wherever they live.

Redeeming the world, God's redemptive agents

We seek to actively participate in the restoration of the world. There is no higher, more noble, cause. Ultimately, there is no other cause. It is the cause of Christ, to make all things new. Therefore, we want our students to know, understand and experience the world—this incredible creation with all its wonder, with all of its hurt—and see themselves as agents of hope.